Curriculum Vitae

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Career Summary

  • Expertise in literature reviews, health care policy issues, medical writing, health technology assessment, and project facilitation involving diverse stakeholders.
  • A senior-level manager with 40 years in the medical field including experience as a health care consultant, family practitioner, ministry of health medical consultant, and vice-president of research in a government-funded health care organization (CADTH)
  • A Fellow of the American Medical Writers Association based on contributions to the organization

Professional Experience

2003 to present:     Independent medical consultant, Ottawa area, Ontario

I work independently and with various consulting firms and expert teams in health policy, primary and secondary research, and health technology assessment.  My roles have involved authorship and medical review as a single author or team member, including team lead.  Sample of clients:

  • Accreditation Canada
  • Alberta Health
  • Atlantic Cardiovascular Society
  • British Columbia Centre for Disease Control
  • British Columbia Centre for Substance Use
  • British Columbia Ministry of Health
  • British Columbia Patient Safety & Quality Council
  • Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction
  • Canadian Institute for Health Information
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Canadian Pharmacists Association
  • Canadian Society for International Health
  • College of Pharmacists of BC
  • Department of National Defense
  • Diabetes Canada
  • Doctors of British Columbia
  • Elsevier Canada
  • Health Canada
  • Institute for Health Economics
  • National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities
  • Nunavut Department of Health and Social Services
  • Ontario Medical Association
  • Provincial Health Services Authority (BC)
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Universities of Alberta and Western Ontario
  • World Health Organization

2000 to 2003:     Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health, Ottawa, ON – Vice-President, Research

  • Organized and managed a research division of 20 scientific staff members, undertaking over 60 scientific projects with a team that tripled in size over a 3-year period.
  • Established and promoted a continuing education program for staff that resulted in key networks with external professional groups.
  • Developed a visiting scholar program for international scientists and students.
  • Led a research team in collaborative development of internal policies and guidelines.
  • Facilitated a relationship between research staff and industry leading to ongoing, productive interactions, and collaborative information exchange.
  • Contributed to uptake of research knowledge by a health care decision-making audience through networking and participating in presentations, workshops, and committees.

1996 to 2000:     BC Ministry of Health, Victoria, British Columbia – Medical Consultant, Regional Programs

  • Reported to the Associate Deputy Minister.
  • Participated as a medical collaborator and expert in a number of areas related to professional and hospital issues. Examples:
    • Appointed Provincial Surgical Waitlist Coordinator and spokesperson on surgical waitlist issues including implementation of a web-based registry for surgeons and wait times.
    • Assisted with the introduction of regulated midwifery, including drafting of legislation, determining remuneration and facilitating integration of the profession.
    • Participated in decision-making and tracking of high-cost radiology equipment.
    • Acted as the ministry resource on hospital bylaws for medical staffs, working with medical and legal experts and committees.
    • Responded to medical issues from the Coroner’s Office and the Children’s Commission.
    • Managed the processes related to on-call payment of rural and locum physicians.

1993 to 1995:     University of Utah, Salt Lake City – Ambulatory Care Fellow and Graduate Student

  • Awarded a US Veterans Affairs fellowship in ambulatory care including sponsorship of graduate studies in medical informatics and work with international experts.
  • Participated on committees in ethics and quality improvement at the U of Utah Hospital.
  • Provided clinical services to the Women Veteran’s Medical Clinic.
  • Provided consulting services for various quality assurance activities.

1981 to 1993:     Urban and Rural Settings in BC and Ontario –  Family Physician

  • Delivered care in various settings including private offices, emergency rooms, operating rooms, acute and chronic hospitals and facilities, public health clinics, and patient homes.
  • Assumed the presidency of the Victoria branch of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada, leading to enhanced participation and enthusiasm.

 Education and Training

  • BSc (honours), UBC, Vancouver, 1976
  • MD (cum laude), Dalhousie University, Halifax, 1980
  • Rotating Internship, North York General Hospital, Toronto, 1980/81
  • MSc (medical informatics), University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1993/95
  • Physician Management Institute Leadership series, Canadian Medical Association
  • Medical Writers Diploma, American Medical Writers Association


Consulting Group Client Initiation Nature of Project Role Completion
Independent The Foundry (an NGO in BC) 02/21 Series of 5 rapid evidence reviews of issues related to young people Author Anticipated 12/21
Independent Asthma Canada 02/21 Rapid evidence review of the use of oral corticosteroids in severe asthma Author Anticipated 05/21
Husereau & Associates Pharmaceutical 01/21 Systematic review of a new gastrointestinal product Team member Anticipated 04/21
Independent Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 09/20 Series of 5 evidence reviews on topics related to surgery for congenital heart defects Author 12/20
Independent BC Ministry of Health (MoH) 11/20 Human resource planning in health Author 12/20
Independent BC MoH 09/20   Innovation in health care Author 10/20
Independent Clinical pulmonologist 06/20 Draft for publication – case report of a patient with sarcoidosis Author 11/20
Independent BC MoH 08/20   Primary health care for vulnerable populations Author 09/20
Independent Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 03/20 Literature review of analyses of cost effectiveness and resource use of simulation technologies to train surgeons Author 07/20
Independent Nanosonics Inc. (Australia) 05/20 Evidence reviews of multiple aspects of the cleaning of endoscopes (7 reports) Author 09/20
Husereau & Associates Pharmaceutical 06/20 Systematic review of a new dermatology product Team member 09/20
Independent The Foundry 03/20 Series of 5 rapid evidence reviews of issues related to youth and substance use Author 09/20
Independent Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 03/20 Literature review of analyses of cost effectiveness and resource use of simulation technologies to train surgeons Author 07/20
Independent BC MoH 06/18 Rapid reviews (4 weeks) of published and grey literature on a variety of topics requested by MoH policy staff members Author Ongoing – multiple
Independent BC MoH Knowledge Management (KM) Branch 08/19 Series of 3 rapid reviews (each with a 4-week timeline) of issues in amphetamine use Author 03/20
Independent Diabetes Canada 11/19 Literature review of the disease burden (clinical and economic) of diabetic retinopathy in Canada Author 01/20
Independent Institute of Health Economics 10/19 Emerging trends in drug innovation Team member 01/20
Independent BC Centre for Substance Use 08/19 Team member (researcher/writer) developing an opioid prescribing guideline Team member 05/20
Independent Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 09/19 Literature review of the role of multidisciplinary teams in management of obesity Team member 03/20
Independent Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 06/19 Review of 3D printing in the operating room Team member 09/19
Independent World Health Organization 10/18 Distillation for publication of a report (roll-up of 20 separate reports) on primary care in middle- and lower-income countries Lead author 05/19
ReVue Drug Evaluation Group BC PharmaCare Drug Program 07/18 Review of pharmacogenetics including a systematic review of the literature and interviews of industry leaders Team member (interviews) 02/19
Independent BC MoH KM Branch 12/18 Innovation in programs to ensure Indigenous cultural safety and humility in health care services Author 01/19
Independent BC MoH KM Branch 11/18 Identification and summary of emerging technologies in surgery and the operating room Author 12/18
Independent BC MoH KM Branch 07/18 Effectiveness of culture as an intervention for Indigenous wellness in the areas of mental health and substance use Author 09/18
Independent BC MoH KM Branch 07/18 Virtual provision of services for mental health and substance use care Author 10/18
Independent BC MoH KM Branch 07/18 Implementation of an innovation centre at the BC Ministry of Health Author 07/18
Independent Lower Limb Review Online Journal 04/18 Evidence for ankle fusion versus ankle replacement Author 07/18
Independent Atlantic Cardiovascular Society 02/18 Regional clinical guidelines on cardiac rehabilitation Author 06/18
Independent Health Canada First Nations & Inuit Health Branch 05/17 Updating of clinical practical guidelines for RNs working in remote communities Author 06/18
Independent Canadian Blood Services 02/15 Systematic reviews of scoring systems for liver transplantation & medical writer for expert panel deliberations Author 04/18
Independent Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 08/10 Literature reviews of various topics related to emerging technologies + medical review of reports by other authors Author & reviewer 06/18
Independent Pulmonologist / Blue Cross 01/18 Clinical guideline and US coverage review of the use of coronary CT angiography for patients with chest pain Author 02/18
Independent National Association of Pharmacy Regulators (NAPRA) 09/17 Background to a tool on pharmacist-patient communication about opioids: literature review and interviews with stakeholders Author 02/18
TheraBusiness (Ottawa) Alcon Inc. 12/16 Literature reviews of state-of-the-art publications on a number of ophthalmology products Author 12/18
Independent BC MoH (Lab Division) 02/17 Review of provincial policy on access to and funding of pulmonary function testing, including a literature review and interviews with experts Author 11/17
Independent University of Alberta 07/16 Policy analysis for an HTA report on robotic surgery in Alberta Author 10/17
Independent Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health (CADTH) 02/17 Emerging technology bulletins on two diabetes topics: (1) the artificial pancreas, (2) HbA1C for diabetes diagnosis Author 07/17
Team member Doctors of BC + BC Ministry of Health 07/12 Evaluation of Specialist Services Committee (SSC) one-time funding allotment – 20+ innovative projects being funded for up to 3 years Lead author 06/17
Independent CADTH 02/17 Evidence review of HPV vaccination in males (for Corrections Canada) Author 06/17
Cdn Society for International Health (CSIH) Ministry of Health of Costa Rica 09/16 Introduction of health technology assessment to Costa Rica Team member / Author 04/17
Independent CADTH 11/16 Emerging technology bulletin on outpatient total hip arthroplasty Author 03/17
Independent CADTH 11/16 Evidence review of medical marijuana for neurodegenerative diseases Author 12/16
Independent Elsevier Canada 04/16



Two reports for specialist audiences: (1) Canadian management practices for anti-VEGF agents for acute macular degeneration and (2) Canadian management practices for actinic keratoses Co-author with 2 experts 12/16
Independent Health Quality Councils 10/09 Facilitating meetings of Canadian health quality groups Facilitator 11/16
Independent Atlantic Cardiovascular Society 04/16 Summarizing guidelines for management of diabetes mellitus in patients with cardiovascular disease Co-author with experts 10/16
Lead team


Doctors of BC + BC MOH Specialist Services Committee (SSC) 01/16 Final evaluation of 2 SSC-funded projects on (a) electronic operating room booking and (b) wait time management, led by groups of BC


Lead author 09/16
Independent Canadian Blood Services 01/16 Report on donated tissue bioburden reduction practices for an expert group and a consensus forum Author 06/16
Independent BC MOH, Health Technology Review Office (HTR) 01/16 Compilation of health technologies requested for assessment by the BC HTA office, including literature summaries and interviews with experts Lead author 04/16
Independent BC MoH 01/16 Development of two separate business cases and ad hoc HTA consulting Author 04/16
Independent BC Canuck Place Children’s Hospice 11/15 Business case to increase physician funding from the BC MOH Author 01/16
Independent University of Alberta 11/15 Provincial scan to determine assessment and funding of “companion diagnostics” Author 01/16
Independent Public Health Agency of Canada 10/15 Review of training methods to educate public health providers Author 03/16
Independent College of Pharmacists of BC (CPBC) 09/15 Developing stakeholder consultation materials for proposed pharmacist prescribing Author 11/15
Independent CPBC 09/15 Evidence review of the literature on dispending errors to underlie development of College standards Author 11/15
Independent CADTH 05/15 Emerging technology report on fecal microbiota transplantation Author 10/15
Team member CADTH 05/15 Updating of CADTH resource for information specialists called Peer Review of Electronic Search Strategies (PRESS) Co-author 07/15
Team member Canadian Pharmacists Association & Health Canada 02/15 Plain language patient materials for prescription drugs included in the Compendium of Pharmaceutical and Specialties Author / writer 07/15
Independent Public Health Agency of Canada 10/15 Review of training methods to educate public health providers Author 03/16
Independent BC Public Health Laboratory 02/15 With the Director, development of a forward-looking plan for the Provincial Laboratory & refinement of the 2014-15 Strategic Plan Co-author 04/15